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Protection from DDoS attacks

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Excuse me, can you tell me in detail how I can protect me servers from the attacks such as UDP flood, and another kind of attack. When somebody begins to attack me, the Internet connection crashes, traffic is 0 kbs. Set router is Dlink dir 100, and 4 computers with web servers.

28 March 2011

ICMP / UDP Flood is targeted to block the access to the Internet. The result is: the Internet is inaccessible. If you have faced with such attacks, you should discuss this problem with your Internet service provider. You need to filtrate such traffic. Usually the majority of the clients do not need ICMP / UDP traffic.

In rare instances, when the level of spurious traffic is not enough to utilize the channel of the victim, you may try to use the filters on the near-undercontrolled router to remove influence on server park and to recover the resource.

I would like to mention that we can effectively struggle against ICMP / UDPFlood.

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